Here Are San Francisco's Biggest Tax Debtors

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Tax delinquency: an American tradition
Nobody likes paying taxes. Granted, not all of us are "angry" enough about them to don a tricorn hat and start ranting about the Nafta Superhighway and the Federal Reserve. But the chunk of money Uncle Sam takes out of your paycheck every two weeks -- not to mention the hours and days of life you waste parsing the impenetrable U.S. tax code every year when April 15 rolls around -- easily breed resentment.

While nobody likes to pay the taxman, most of us do it. Call it what you will: civic spirit, fear of the Internal Revenue Service, a sheeplelike resistance to challenging the powers that be. But some of us are not so obedient. The California Board of Equalization periodically publishes a wall-of-shame list of the state's biggest tax debtors. The latest edition, which includes those with delinquent taxes of $100,000 or more, names three S.F. people and businesses.

They are:

1. Ramirez Developers, doing business as Pacific Cement, owing $3,216,701.

2. Boudames Business Machines Inc., doing business as Bay Area Computers/Microage, owing $2,033,734.

3. Mikial Singh Nijjar, owing $1,318,434.

Combined, these debtors owe $6,568,969. That must be enough to reopen a few state parks, right?

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Too bad they didn't list the dudums of dudum sports & entertainment.  Screwed so many people from employees to vendors and partners.  From joe dimaggio's steakhouse to maria maria.  Yet this guy is laughing it up at the warriors ballgames.

Able Dart
Able Dart

Aren't all these people City Contractors? They all sound familiar.

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