Deputy David Wong, Candidate for Sheriff, Gets Fired

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David Wong's campaign is off to a rocky start
Well since we no longer have Supervisor Chris Daly and Mayor Gavin Newsom going at each other, City Hall has been a snoozefest. But wait, there seems to be a little excitement happening in the quiet corner of the Sheriff's Department -- and it doesn't involve ICE.

David Wong, the well-liked veteran deputy who is running for sheriff, was fired in May, not long after Sheriff Michael Hennessey announced he would endorse Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi for sheriff, rather than someone within his own rank and file.

According to the Examiner, Hennessey fired Wong for allegedly hitting a handcuffed inmate and then lying about it. But Wong claims he is the victim in this case -- a victim of political retribution.

According to an e-mail Wong sent to his fellow deputies, he was fired for what he says would normally be considered a minor infraction.

"Even if the charge against me were true, which the claim is not, I was terminated for a minor infraction which has normally resulted at most in no more than a suspension," Wong wrote. "The sour note of political [tactics] has hung over our heads for way too long."

However, Eileen Hirst, a spokeswoman with the department, told the Ex that Wong admitted during hearings that he hit the handcuffed inmate several times. Wong fired back saying he was only protecting staff in the incident when he hit her.

Either way, Wong will have some explaining to do to voters.

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Anyone that supports a spineless pol like murky-rim-me is dubious at best  I wonder if further investigation into hennessey's firing would lead to his own and if so him losing his pension and benefits.


Maybe ask Hennessy about all of his "consultants"?

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