Catch SF Weekly Staff Writer Joe Eskenazi on L.A. Public Radio Tonight

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Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa personally congratulates Joe Eskenazi on his succesful transit odyssey.
​On the off chance you find yourself in Los Angeles and listening to the lower end of the FM band, SF Weekly staff writer Joe Eskenazi will be on KCRW 88.9 FM talking to Warren Olney, the host of Which Way, L.A.?

Joe will be discussing his latest cover story for SF Weekly, "In Transit: From S.F. to L.A. via Public Transportation."

It's a first-person account of Eskenazi's journey from S.F. to L.A., using only municipal public transit. The route was laid out by 24-year-old transit nerd Matthew Nelson, but Eskenazi was the first to complete it.

As Eskenazi explains in the article:

Nelson's 32-hour, 14-transfer trek from this city to Los Angeles seemed crazy, too, at first glance. Going over it again and again, however -- nah, still crazy. But it was too late. I was smitten. Just as the mountaineer George Mallory famously uttered "Because it's there" as his rationale for attempting Mount Everest, the notion of leaving the S.F.-L.A. route unchallenged ate away at me. I can't climb a mountain. But I can sit in a bus.
The show airs at 7 p.m. in Los Angeles, and we'll post a link to download as soon as we get our hands on one. 

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