Bevan Dufty's Campaign Manager Splits

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Bevan is getting a new right-hand man
Bevan Dufty, the former supervisor and mayoral candidate, told SF Weekly that he and his campaign manager, David Feighan, "parted ways" this week. Eager to be mayor, Dufty has already hired a new campaign manager who will start in two weeks.

Dufty said there were no hard feelings between the two; he just wanted the campaign to go in a different direction.

"My needs were different," Dufty says. "He is not working with me, but he has endorsed me and contributed to me."
Dufty wouldn't say whether he officially showed Feighan the door, or whether he quit. Being the diplomat that he is, Dufty stuck to his story: "We parted ways."

He said he's not unhappy with Feighan, who worked on the campaign for only a few months. In the last week alone, Dufty claims to have made more than 4,000 phone calls, knocked on nearly 1,000 doors, and collected some 1,300 signatures to get his name officially on the November ballot.

"David is a great person, and I appreciate what he has contributed," Dufty says.

Dufty remained coy about who was joining his campaign, only hinting that it was a high-powered person whose been successful helping Dems win in traditionally red states.

We'll see what he or she can do for Dufty 2.0.

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I refer to Bevan as The Queer Quisling.  He feels that if all the "flamboyant" gays tone it down, wear kahki and navy blue, get married, don't do anything remotely naughty, that gays will be accepted .. . as if.  No matter how you try to act like a boring breeder, those who hate you will hate you even more for trying to "pass" and just remember that people move here to get away from that boring lifestyle.  Making the Castro "faminly friendly" killed what made it special.  And come on now, we had a lot more fun when it was GAY FREEDOM, not GAY CORPORATE FAMILY FRIENDLY PRIDE. 

Sergio Espriella
Sergio Espriella

You obviously have not met the man or his family. Nothing you've said remotely applies to Bevan. 

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