Beagle Pups Rescued from Testing Lab in South Bay

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Here is a story that should pull at your heartstrings. A handful of beagle pups were rescued yesterday from a San Jose lab, where they had been living since birth and used for animal experimentation.

The Beagle Freedom Project had 24 hours to travel from Valley Village to San Jose to pick up the dogs before they were euthanized. Founder Shannon Keith jumped into her car and got the dogs -- all nine of them -- just in time.

It was the first time these sweet pups had walked and played in the grass, or even interacted with other dogs. They could barely walk without stumbling, according to Gary Smith, who is working with the organization.

Gary Smith
Their first playtime
The group couldn't confirm what kind of testing the dogs were being used for, but they believe, based on conversations with the lab, it was for household products and cosmetics.

Gary Smith
Headed out for a whole new life

Beagle Freedom Project, which rescued 11 beagles and a few rabbits, plans to find the pups foster homes soon -- but not until the rescuers get to enjoy cuddling, playing with, and running with these precious pooches.

Gary Smith
By the end of the day, he was all smiles

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Thank god they now have a chance for kindness and loving homes. Testing on animals must stop. No animal deserves pain suffering and cruelty.



I would love to adopt one. I had two beagles. One for 16 years and the other for 19.


Thank you for sharing the beagles' stories.  Consumers need to be aware of the cruel and unnecessary experiments that animals are subjected to by greedy, inhumane companies.  We need to push lawmakers to enact laws that protect animals rather than allowing them to be influenced by companies who legally torture them.  Humanity has failed epically in the way that animals are treated.


What was the name of the lab?

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