BART to Get Its Gay on for Pride

Does it get any gayer than this?
Remember when The Daily Show made fun of San Francisco for getting, ahem, topped by Minneapolis as the gayest city in the nation? Well, perhaps BART is helping us try to make a comeback, just in time for Gay Pride.

It seems that BART is now hopping aboard the gay train. Aside from adding more cars to accommodate people this year fir the festive June 26 Pride parade, BART has also designed 100 Gay Pride posters that will be plastered on all cars throughout the month of June.

That means the LGBT community will now join African Americans, Latinos, and Asian Pacific Americans in getting their own cultural poster featured for one month on BART.

Now, we applaud BART for its endearing effort to be inclusive and to celebrate the month of June with gays. But the poster design, which features a not-so-sexy picture of the gay icon Oscar Wilde, doesn't exactly scream "Let's hit the Castro for some cock-shaped cookies."

We called BART to ask one very important question: What the hell took them so long to give the LGBT community its own Pride Month poster?

"I think it's just something we realized -- that there's another community we wanted to honor," spokesman Jim Allison says. "So we are putting the posters up this week."

According to BART, a random sampling of riders said they had no qualms about Pride posters on the trains. In fact, many of them "welcomed" the warm support, even if the posters aren't stylish.

Well, we're glad to see the gay rights movement is moving, even if it's just running at BART speeds.  

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