Barry Bonds Demands a Quick Retrial

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Playing hardball
Barry Bonds is making an appearance in San Francisco court today to request that if prosecutors plan to retry him, they do it quickly.

The former Giants superstar was found guilty of obstruction of justice in April, yet the jury was deadlocked on three perjury counts, which led Judge Susan Illston to declare a mistrial.

Bonds' lawyers say that the U.S. Speedy Trial Act means Bonds has the right to know today whether he will be retried on the three perjury counts.

"If the government is to retry Mr. Bonds, it must do so within the  time provided by the act," defense attorney Dennis Riordan wrote.

The Speedy Trial Act requires a retrial within 70 days of the date of the April 13 mistrial, attorneys told reporters. Both sides earlier agreed to an additional 24-day delay, which means a new trial would have to start by the week of July 18.

Bonds has been accused of lying to the grand jury when he said he never knowingly used steroids.

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Demand all you want Barry. You are still a piece of shit asshole.


This has gone on long enough.  As a matter of fact, one could make the  case that he has already been punished -- our Constitution allows as punishment after due process the loss of life, liberty, or property.  He has paid enough, his career ruined, and his family and friends used as fodder for fauxnews . . . and fact is, WE THE PEOPLE deserve a better use of our taxes than this.  For an interesting perspective on this, read the chapter on the Mitchell report in the new book, _Scorecasting_ 

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