Arnold Schwarzenegger Is as Unpopular as George W. Bush

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Arnie is no longer a chick magnet
Apparently, voters find former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's out-of-wedlock love child even more unappealing than his inability to get the state budget passed on time. According to a new poll, Arnie's ratings have dipped to an all-time low.

Roughly 75 percent of state voters view the former governor negatively, while 20 percent still think he's an okay guy. About 5 percent had no idea what to think since learning of his affair with his housekeeper 13 years ago, according to the Field Poll.

And that's, sadly, right up there (or down there) with former President George W. Bush, who was met with roaring cheers as helicopters carried him from the White House in 2009.
Not surprisingly, women dislike him the most, with only 17 percent giving him good marks. Democrats and Republicans dislike him the same while 90 percent of voters in his hometown of Los Angeles gave him poor ratings.

Schwarzenegger clearly had different expectations for himself after leaving politics. The playboy turned Hollywood star turned governor had planned to release a political cartoon, The Governator, which would be loosely based on his life as a politician turned superhero.

But then his shocking admission to having an affair with his housekeeper 13 years ago while married to Maria Shriver, and the discovery of his love child, really shook up that plot. Shriver and the couple's four children were supposed to be a key part of the cartoon, where the Governator character lived a double life as a superhero and a family man who made it home just in time for dinner after a hard day of fighting crime.

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WHO CARES?! Stop dissing Arnie and making him feel lower! So he made a mistake, EVERYONE DOES! Why is it, that people automatically attack and crucify a human being like this? You're all just as bad as Arnie. I am a massive Arnold fan, I know what he did was wrong, but he has done right by it now, at least he didn't dump the housekeeper and their son, he helped them financially! Arnold is a better man than George Bush, and he is a better man than all of you. For all those who believe the media bullshit about Arnold flirting with other woman, they are only doing it for the money and attention. Media, leave Arnold and his family be, YOU ARE MAKING THE SITUATION WORSE! You have no right in his personal business! It never affected the way he worked, SO SHUT THE HELL UP!


The real mistake he made was running for governor as a Republican, where the only party he has any allegiance to is the Egotistical Narcissism Party.  Arnold and Gav should get together and formerly create the party.

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