Dumb Thief Steals Police Car at Crime Scene

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Now here's a great episode for Bait Car -- the reality show where cops leave vehicles on the streets, hoping to tempt alleged thieves into stealing cars just so they can bust them.

Police are looking for a ballsy man who stole an unmarked police car as cops responded to a call at Golden Gate Park yesterday.

The officers had been called in to deal with someone who was resisting arrest. They quickly got out of the car near Hippie Hill -- and left the keys in the ignition!

An unknown man jumped into the car and sped off, police said.
The officers are on the hunt for the man, who was only described as a white man, but strangely, the cops have no idea where he is.

Officer Albie Esparza told SF Weekly that there were no guns inside the police vehicle. But what we really wanted to know is why the officers even left the keys in the car. Is this common practice?

"That is not a priority when officers are fighting with a suspect. Officer safety is No. 1," Esparza tells us. "If you can lock the car or take the keys, yes, but [that's] not always the case."

The car is a 2000 greenish Ford Crown Victoria with license plate number 4GQE235.

"Whoever took it knows it's a cop car, they probably will joyride and then dump it somewhere knowing the car is hot (reported stolen)," Esparza says. "It' s just a matter of time before someone will call and recover the car."

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Sounds like someone's trying to recreate a scene from the hangover!!!!


Not sure why you're calling the thief dumb, if the police left the keys in the ignition and have no tracking system on their vehicles. 

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