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A few weeks ago, SF Weekly told readers about how, in a desperate attempt to be cool, mayoral candidate Phil Ting challenged his supporters to come up with the wildest, tastiest, alcoholic beverage as part of a campaign cocktail contest.

Believe it or not, people did enter the contest, and last night, the results came in. SF Weekly stopped by Ting's fundraiser and cocktail hour downtown at 111 Minna Gallery, just to see how hardcore the assessor-recorder gets when hitting the town.  Admittedly, we were disappointed not to see Ting sipping on his favorite libation, the Long Island iced tea, but then later we understood why.

When Ting took the mic to welcome his supporters, he explained that the only beverage he's shaken up in the last few years is baby formula.

Still, he wanted to prove he could have a good time, too. "Enough seriousness -- let's have fun tonight!" Ting said.

In jest, the campaign asked me to judge the deliciousness of these drinks, and select a winner. There was no tasting, thankfully; rather I perused the entries and picked the following as my favorites:

Sailor Phil: Coke and Sailor Jerry rum. Must be mixed well.

The Dennis Herrera: Depends on who is buying.

Sour Muni Rider: A winner just because of the name, but a loser because there is no alcohol in it. It's a bitter blend of grapefruit juice, mandarin juice, and lemonade. Yuck!

Ting and Tonic: Three parts Plymouth Gin and four parts tonic water.

And finally, the Ed Lee: A warm glass of milk before bed, milk mustache included.

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I give Ting credit for at least trying to do something different and not run a traditional boring campaign. Don't know how that will play out, but in a dull election year, it's nice.

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