Pandora Hits Your Funny Bone, Adds Comedy to Genome

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How funny would Richard Pryor and Chris Rock's baby be?
What's even better than personalizing your music taste is blending jokes by comedic icons like Chris Rock and Richard Pryor to give you the deepest belly laugh.

Per many, many users' request, Pandora, the Oakland-based Internet music company, has now added the Comedy Genome Project to its database, according to news outlets.

Similar to the way you find new music and create personalized stations on Pandora, you can now choose your favorite comedians or even a genre of humor -- political, or maybe jokes from a specific era -- and begin creating comedy stations based on what makes you laugh.

Pandora's comedy project team has analyzed thousands of performances -- and continues to do so daily --  to capture certain styles and comedy content, the company said in a statement.

"Pandora is about creating a great, personalized radio experience. Comedy is a natural part of that experience, and it's something our listeners have been asking us to deliver for a while," Pandora founder and chief strategy officer Tim Westergren says.

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