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A San Francisco favorite
As SF Weekly told you this morning, the notion of Mayor Ed Lee jumping in the race for mayor is becoming a reality. While he was selected as interim mayor earlier this year based solely on the fact that he would merely be a "caretaker" who was committed to not running in 2012, it seems people from all camps have grown to like the apolitical Lee as mayor.

In fact, he has become so likable among sparring political groups that the initial underground support seems to be growing. In other words, it's no longer just Rose Pak who wants to see Lee run for San Francisco mayor.

A Web site was launched today, entirely dedicated to drafting Lee into the already packed mayor's race. It ticks off all the reasons Lee should continue as the city's chief executive.

Lee's spokeswoman, Christine Falvey, told us today that he had no plans to run for mayor -- in fact, she says he looks forward to returning to his old job as city administrator (which pays much better).

Still, it would seem hard to ignore such overwhelming popularity. According to the petition, which calls on voters to join the Draft Mayor Ed Lee Committee, there are plenty of people lined up to work on Lee's campaign.

"The mayor we have now is the mayor we need for our city's and our neighborhood's future," according to a letter by Supervisor Michael Yaki. "Mayor Lee's governing style is performance and results, not politics. And we know we're not alone in this thinking."

Run, Ed, run!

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Lee proves that if you honestly don't give a shit about politics, you can do a better job in office than loudmouths with preset agendas.


How much is Lee's campaign paying the Weekly to reprint press releases? This is as bad as Brugmman's rag.

LA Weekly
LA Weekly

 Fuck. We could be getting PAID for this? Hold on, have some phone calls to make.

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