Mark S. Zuckerberg Is Back on Facebook

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Mark S. Zuckerberg wishes he was Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg is back on Facebook. No, not the one who created the social networking site: Mark S. Zuckerberg, the bankruptcy attorney whose Facebook account was deleted because the company thought he was trying to rip off the other Zuck.

The company finally let him back onto Facebook after he showed his birth certificate and whatever other information was necessary to prove he is not the 26-year-old billionaire, but rather the not-so-famous bankruptcy attorney from Indiana, whose motto is helping good people through bad times. 

It's been an ongoing battle between the two Zucks. The older Zuckerberg told media outlets earlier this week that he was turned away simply because of his name.

"I was originally denied an account with Facebook two years ago because of my name, and I had to send them copies of my driver's license, birth certificate, and Indianapolis Bar Association license just to get them to believe that I exist and to allow me to set up my page," he says.

He created his own Web site,, to explain his story and let people know there is another Mark Zuckerberg out there, whether you like it or not.

"Other than the name and our Jewish upbringing, the two of us have little else in common," he says on his Web site.

And now they're both on Facebook.

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Mark take it slow.  Enjoy the ride. You are immense.  Love You for You. 

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