KUSF to Get Harold Camping's FCC License Post-Rapture

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Post-Rapture, KUSF-in-Exile will be heard in former Family Radio Inc. strongholds in Europe, Asia, Russia, South America, and sub-Saharan Africa
Here is one group that will truly benefit from not being Raptured.

Former KUSF DJs, who lost their terrestrial radio station when the University of San Francisco sold its license Jan. 18, plan to take over the FCC licenses of evangelist Harold Camping, the Oakland broadcaster who says the world will end tomorrow.

"Once he and his followers are 'raptured,' we'd be happy to take that over for him," said Ted Dively, cooperative member with KUSF in Exile, the new, lesser version of the community radio station.

And what makes him think there will be any KUSF DJs left behind?

"I think it's fair to say that the members of KUSF in Exile have all sinned," he tells SF Weekly.

According to the most recently available IRS filings of Camping-led Family Stations Inc., the organization owned FCC licenses worth $56 million as of 2009. KUSF's FCC license, meanwhile, was reportedly sold for a mere $3.75 million.

Prior to the media frenzy surrounding Camping's Rapture, KUSF in Exile was holding out on an ever-so-faint hope of raising $4 million to buy back the 90.3 FM license.

But now that Family Stations is planning to exchange its terrestrial broadcasting operation for a, well, more spectral one, KUSF DJs won't need to raise money. KUSF in Exile doesn't need to mess with FCC bureaucracy if it can just usurp the Family Stations' radio empire.

It's worth noting that the FCC is the regulator charged with barring obscenity, indecency, and profanity from America's airwaves, which means its staff will be raptured straight to heaven on May 21.

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Loren KUSF
Loren KUSF

I realise that this column is intended as as satire there are also elements of tragedy.

Where did you get the idea that USF sold it's license on Jan 18th? It's simply not true and should not be presented as fact. USF still holds the license and has applied to transfer it to CPRN - this application has yet to be granted by the FCC. Where are you getting this information?

The assertion that "KUSF in Exile was holding out on an ever-so-faint hope of raising $4 million to buy back the 90.3 FM license." makes no sense at all because a: KUSF In Exile is merely the name of the temporary internet stream set up by WFMU in order to continue KUSF's programming - not an organisation which raises money for any purpose and b: the volunteers & students who were kicked off the air on Jan 18th have made a very strong case with the FCC to deny the transfer (as have their supporters who donated money and filed two Pro Per Petitions To Deny) and they are confident that they can gain a victory where other college stations have failed and raise as much money as is necessary to  cover legal expenses, the "purchase" of the FM license and the startup costs and operating budget of the FM station which they intend to reclaim.

I believe humour and satire are wonderful things and I applaud your effort to expose the hypocrisy of Harold Camping/Family Radio and other purely revenue-based concerns who hold monopolies on Non-Commercial Educational FM licenses but I also believe you should not promote such a dismal outlook when it has little basis in reality.

Please do not use the past tense because the fight to save KUSF is very much alive.


Surely he could lose his license for fraud?

Patrica Delores
Patrica Delores

 Makes ya wanna pray real hard for this rapture..R.I.P.KUSF

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