Johannes Mehserle, BART Cop Convicted in Oscar Grant Shooting, Could Be Released from Jail Next Month

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Bad behavior gets you into jail, but good behavior gets you out of jail ... early
Oakland, prepare for the riots. Only 10 months into his sentence, Johannes Mehserle, the BART cop who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the Oscar Grant shooting, could walk free as soon as next month.

Media outlets are reporting that the former BART cop is tentatively scheduled to appear in court on June 1. At that time, a judge will decide whether to release him on good behavior. If he is released in June, he will have served less than a year of his two-year sentence.

Naturally, Grant's family is disturbed by the news.

"It would be very painful emotionally just to see him not behind bars and the fact that he is now seeking employment in Northern California," Oscar Grant's uncle, Cephus Johnson, tells KGO.

The news comes the same day a judge decided that BART should not be held responsible for the New Year's Day shooting. Mehserle shot Grant at the Fruitvale BART station in Oakland, setting off riots across the city.

The trial ended last year, with a jury deciding that Mehserle didn't intend to kill the unarmed Grant.

But even if he is released early, Mehserle could still face a federal trial. The U.S. Department is investigating whether Mehserle violated Grant's civil rights.

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Rickey Henderson
Rickey Henderson

San Francisco, fuck you. If you had any conscience over Grant, you would have rioted too.

Enjoy your cabernet and overpriced muni while SFPD beats down all the homeless who get in your way

Brock Keeling
Brock Keeling

Your comment is revolting. NO ONE drinks cabernet. We're all about roses and crisp whites during the springtime.


I don't want to defend cabernet and SFPD beatdowns, but uh, yeah, that's pretty stupid. Rioting makes things soooooo much better! I mean, there can't possibly be a more effective response than rioting! Awesome!


Oh, also: Way to try to stoke a riot, SF Weekly! Good job!


They're too busy mourning the CPI (Marxist) loses in India , to notice....

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