Jeremy Affeldt, Giants Pitcher, Visits Bryan Stow in Hospital

Returning the support
Giants relief pitcher Jeremy Affeldt took some time out of his day and dropped by the intensive care unit to visit Bryan Stow, the Giants fan who was beaten into a coma by Dodgers fans nearly two months ago.

Affeldt told reporters that he sat with Stow, who remains in critical condition, at his hospital bed and prayed with him.

"I grabbed his hand, told him who I was and prayed with him a little bit and encouraged him," Affeldt told media outlets. "His eyes opened up, and I think he kind of looked over my way. I don't what that is or isn't, but I was able to do that and get more of what was going on and what had taken place.

"So for me, it was a big deal," he added.

Affeldt had already addressed Dodgers and Giants fans prior to a recent game, talking about the unnecessary violence between the rival teams. But now he felt compelled to meet with Stow and his family, he said.

He said he talked with Stow's sisters and parents for about 30 minutes and then gave them a banner from the team as well as some Giants gear to lift their spirits.

He isn't the first Giant to show public support for Stow, a Santa Cruz paramedic and father of two. Last month, pitcher Tim Lincecum gave $25,000 to help the Stow family cover medical bills.

Stow, 42, was beaten as he walked to catch a taxi after the opener game between the Giants and the Dodgers on March 31. According to a lawsuit his family filed against the Dodgers yesterday, Stow had been heckled and harassed because he was wearing Giants attire. He sent a family member a text message during the game, claiming he was afraid for his safety.

When the game ended at about 7:30 p.m., Stow walked to the parking lot, where two men wearing Dodgers attire attacked him and beat him into a coma. Police on Sunday arrested Giovanni Ramirez, 31, claiming he was the "prime aggressor" in the attack.

Affeldt said the Giants plan to do more for the Stow family.

"It was tough to take in at first. It was pretty shocking to see. Just seeing what took place and seeing him there, for me it was an eye-opener," Affeldt told CBS Sports. "It kind of put me in an interesting mood. You're a little humbled, a little melancholy mood. It shows you there's more to life than this game."

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Low Fund
Low Fund

Family admits Bryan Stow has Criminal Past

In response to rumors circulating about Bryan Stow’s violentpast and criminal history the Stow Family posted the following comment on theBryan Stow Fund website:

“News & Updates  Sunday,May 22, 2011

‘there has been comments and postings regarding Bryan'spast. Bryan was not perfect...nobody is. In the years since, Bryan turned hislife around. Regardless of his history, we ask that everyone refrain from postingany judgmental comments. Please be aware that we will delete ANY negativecomment. Don't forget to visit the store to show your support! ‘

Dave, Ann, Erin and Bonnie

Send your love>>”


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