Student Spikes Teacher's Coffee with Poison

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Your morning ... jolt
School officials in the East Bay recently punished the entire senior class after a "disrespectful" food fight escalated in the cafeteria. But like we said then, a good old-fashioned food fight is much safer than a bullet in the eye ... or poison in your coffee. 

A student at Oakland International High School reportedly put dry erase fluid and possibly even bleach in her teacher's cup of joe.

The teacher took a sip of her morning brew and, not surprisingly, spit it right out, according to media outlets.

The student was allegedly getting revenge on her teacher who got her into trouble after the student brought alcohol to school.

The teacher, who was not harmed, decided not to press charges, yet school officials, who only learned of the incident a day after it happened, aren't taking this lightly. Noel Gallo, a member of the Oakland school board, told reporters that for too long the district has not properly dealt with students' criminal behavior.

"There's no excuse for negative behavior and this district cannot tolerate that," Gallo told KTVU. "And so, appropriate action should take place."

And canceling prom probably won't suffice.

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Attempted murder at least warrants detention.


Put the little bitch in jail for 10 yrs.  

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