Will George Gascón Get the Gay Vote?

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Gascón likes gay people but do they like him?
We know how discouraged San Francisco was after District Attorney George Gascón was elevated into his position only to admit that he supports the death penalty -- that's not what San Francisco voted for!

But since then, Gascón has done much to rectify his reputation for his right-wing roots, which is sure to haunt him politically. Not only did he quietly switch parties from Republican to Democrat, but now he's getting down with the gays (not literally).

This weekend, Gascón is officially kicking off his campaign for District Attorney, and he chose the most unassuming locales to hold his event -- the Harvey Milk Plaza. That's right Gascón is jump-starting his campaign in the heart of the Castro, where cock-shaped cookies and sex toys are commonplace.

And he will have all the right gays there to back him up.

The openly gay Supervisor Scott Wiener and former Supervisor Bevan Dufty will be in attendance, presumably there not only to pledge support for Gascón, who is also the former chief of police, but to lead him on his tour through San Francisco's gayest hood. We called Gascón's campaign to find out why he chose the Castro as his new stamping ground.

Although Rudy Ramirez says he has no official statement from Gascón about his take on gays and gay marriage or anything gay at all, he said the Saturday event should speak for itself.

"He's a big supporter of same-sex couples and gay rights. If he weren't, Bevan Dufty and Scott Wiener wouldn't be there," Ramirez tells SF Weekly.

Maybe. But if he really wants to blend in with the gay community, Gascón should show up in traditional bear wear -- leather straps and a feather boa.

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What melbaker said. Your attempts at wit are depressingly stupid and borderline homophobic. Why exactly were you hired?


Traditional Bear wear? A feather boa? You seriously do not "get" the community or are too witty by half.


He just isn't qualified to be DA of even a small provincial city like this. No experience as a lawyer, political experience yes, law enforcement yes, but he won't be prosecuting any of the alleged criminal cops at SFPD, I'll bet..  Being Gavin's boy does not mean he's adequately prepared, really he was just a final FU from a nasty little angry spoiled brat of a former Mayor. He's a politician, he'll go whatever way will get him elected, look who hired him after he agreed to meet inappropriately with Gavvy during the selection process. He's not getting my vote.   So far all he's done is put an uber liberal politician/prosecutor in charge of neighborhood court system who just can't wait to get sit/lie citations dismissed.  He's hardly right wing, not left wing, just opportunistic politician.


Really?  Supporting the death penalty and having once been a moderate Republican when he was living in a red red red state...that's all it takes to be labeled "right-wing"?  Never mind Gascón's courageous and principled stand against the xenophobic Sherriff Arapaio when he was in Arizona?  Gascón's courageous and principled stand against the xenophobic Sherriff Arapaio when he was in Arizona?  

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