Facebook Inspires Couple to Name Their Baby "Like"

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Where's the unlike button?
If ever there was inspiration for an "dislike" button on Facebook, here it is: An Israeli couple reportedly named their newborn baby "Like" after the popular button on the social networking site that lets users show support for their friends' status, photos, and comments.

Mom and dad tell reporters they were looking for a modern, innovative, and well, likable name. And they couldn't come up with something better than "Like"?

"In our opinion, it's the modern equivalent of the name Ahava [Love]," Lior Adler, the father, told the Israeli newspaper Maariv.

When he posted a photo of the couple's new baby on his Facebook page, naturally, he got dozens of "likes" from his friends, which he found validating. But this crazy baby-naming isn't a one-off. The newborn girl has a sister who is named after an American dessert -- "Pie."

Those are two names sure to top Kaitlyn and Madison -- two of the most hated baby names in America.

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