Examiner Proves Sperminator and Babies Don't Mix

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Would you want this thing on your doorstep?
Boys who grew up with Terminator action figures may have wanted to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger one day -- all  steroid-pumped with chick-magnet muscles. But according to the Examiner's creation today, a Schwarzenegger baby is a mom's worst nightmare --  in more ways than one. 

The paper's off-color experiment in Photoshop mastery gives us, well, the creeps. The weirdo lies in a basket, as if he's a satanic Moses floating down the river or a surprise orphan on your doorstep. Although it's worth noting that the paper's artist did get something right: The baby's just-out-of-the-utero hair and the Sperminator's receding hairline are similar. 
Of course, the Examiner wasn't the first to recognize the inherent humor of mixing Schwarzenegger with babies. The folks at Universal Pictures already tried this experiment for the 1994 movie Junior, in which Arnold carries a pregnancy to term.

Oh dear.

And the reason we know the Ex had it all wrong is that the real Schwarzenegger kid is a real cutie -- gap-toothed grin and all.

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Um, the creeps? That cover sported a very funny, well-conceived and well-executed visual. Sure it was risky, but it was masterful, as you suggest. Satanic? The still from "Junior" maybe, but the baby in the basket is rather benign. The basket is less Moses in the bulrushes and more a symbol of what increasing seems to be left on constituents' doorsteps: another politician's lack of accountability for the choices they make.

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