Family of Deceased S.F. Inmate Earl Brown Jr. Demands $10 Million

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Matt Smith
Did jailers use excessive force on an inmate who bit a cop?
The family of Earl Brown Jr., an HIV-positive man who died in jail last March, has sued San Francisco for $10 million.

The suit alleges that sheriff's deputies "assaulted and battered him ... causing injuries which resulted in (his) death," after he was arrested for biting a police officer who'd responded to a disturbance at Leticia's in the Castro.

According to a federal complaint filed May 2, Brown argued with cafe patrons and was asked to leave. He refused. Police were called. He struggled, before biting one officer. He also fought with jailers and was put in a special "safety cell," where he died of a heart attack soon after he was booked.
Sheriff's deputies used "unreasonable, unjustified and deadly force and violence," on Brown, who was high on methamphetamine at the time of his heart attack, according to a coroner's report cited in the lawsuit.

A Sheriff's Department spokeswoman referred us to the City Attorney's Office. Spokesman Jack Song said his office had not yet been served with the lawsuit, and therefore he could not comment. An attorney representing the Brown family had not responded to a message requesting comment at press time.

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$10,000,000.00 worth of 'grillz 'n bling'!...and they'll get it , way of the same S.F. Stalinist jurors who gave $900,000.00 to the Dhaliwal brothers (SF Zoo/tiger tease.)..


You, Flemingrandolph, are an idiot.  Whatever you may know of the family's motives, which very likely is nothing, know this.  I was a friend of Earl Brown Jr., and he was a very decent and honorable man.  Troubled and flawed and damaged to be sure, as all of us are in various ways, but kind and intelligent and caring when it mattered most.  Your remarks are thoughtless, hurtful to his loved ones and demonstrate that you are not half the person he was.  Most importantly now is to expose those responsible for his utterly senseless death, to give some measure of justice to those he left behind, and to try as best we can to ensure that this kind of tragedy does not ever happen again.

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