Isabel Castillo, Undocumented DREAM Act Advocate, To Be Honored at USF Graduation

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Isabel Castillo would like a job in her field already.
Tomorrow, another class of University of San Francisco graduates will head into the working world. And while they are understandably worried about landing a job, the university will award an honorary doctorate to a young woman who has even less hope of getting a gig, given that she's an illegal immigrant.

Isabel Castillo of Harrisonburg, Virginia, has been a vocal advocate for the DREAM Act, the federal bill that died in Congress in December. The bill would have allowed illegal immigrants who came to America as kids and attended two years of college a pathway to legal citizenship.

Castillo didn't go to USF. She attended Eastern Mennonite University in Virginia, and was one of the most vocal advocates among a movement of students who spoke in favor of the bill, despite the risk that they could face major consequences for coming out as illegal immigrants.

In our story last year, many of the students we interviewed didn't want to use their real names because they feared being targeted for deportation. The one who did use her name, Prerna Lal, is now facing deportation proceedings.

The 26-year-old Castillo led rallies, organized a march on Washington, and staged a sit-in at Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's office, where she was finally arrested, but not deported. She became one of the the poster children for the Dream Act, and the martyr for students who were disappointed when Congress voted against taking up the law.

She told The New York Times in February:
"At first, I'd only allow the media to shoot my face turned away and only my first name. And then it just progressed. I said, 'OK, use my face and you can say I went to a local university.'" Then it was 'I graduated from Eastern Mennonite University and I'm Isabel Castillo." 
USF President Stephen Privett read a news story about her and decided to give her an honorary doctorate degree.

"We honor Isabel Castillo for her selfless courage in advancing the cause of undocumented college students and to underscore the fundamental unfairness of our denying a path to citizenship to some of the most motivated college students in the country," Privett said in a statement.

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No es justo quelas personas q son ciudadanos o residentes legales tengan que mantener losservicios medicos , educacion y alimentacion ( en caso de menores de edad ) apersonas que no tienen derecho a estar en este pais ya que  lo unico que hicieron fue cruzar el rio.  ahora estos dreamers son tan sin verguenzasque desean regularizar su estatusmigratorio y tener estudios universitarios .

Erik castillo
Erik castillo

felicidades de parte de erik gaby y toda la familia


saw, rather, heard her speech last Friday at USF during my daughter's ceremony. well-said. i doubt that many universities would risk asking not only an undocumented person, but also someone so young to speak at graduation.


 We honor Isabel Castillo for her selfless courage

nothing could be further from the truth- she is doing this for personal gain.

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