Donald Trump Out: S.F Republicans Say Good Riddance

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Well-heeled celebrity and hair casualty Donald Trump today pulled the plug on his stupefying flirtation with a run for the presidency -- a campaign that, at least for yours truly, evoked the same feelings as watching Woody Allen make out with his twentysomething leading ladies. But at least Woody doesn't follow up the smooch by pontificating on national politics.

San Francisco Republicans, however, did not set their hearts on the Donald. When asked how she felt about Trump's bowing out, Harmeet Dhillon, the chairwoman of the San Francisco Republican County Central Committee, immediately answered "I'm fine with that."

"He's got some questionable credentials in terms of Republican values," she continued. "A businessperson who has declared bankruptcy several times and had creditors eat his losses -- that's not my values." 

Regarding Trump's general buffoonery and piggybacking on the birther movement, Dhillon had less to say. Demands for President Obama's birth certificate were "a reasonable question to ask," though "the evidence the president has presented has been acceptable."

When asked who she'd be happier voting for, she said she felt Sarah Palin was a nonstarter but would be proud to line up behind New Jersey's Gov. Chris Christie, or Herman Cain -- perhaps the only black Republican to ever run a terrible pizza chain who has ever considered a run for president.  

If the former chief of Godfather's Pizza is looking good, who's looking bad? Asked if there was anyone too clownish or outrageous to vote for, Daniel Higa, the San Francisco Republican Party's manager, answered instantaneously: "Ron Paul."

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Good riddance to Trump ?  San Francsico, California shouldn't be waving goodby to anyone but themselves !  With braggin rights to such losers like pelosi, feinstein, boxer etc., you need to just shut your mouths and continue to let your city (sodom) go down the toilet; as it has been for the past 30 years.  You are a "Festering boil" on the rosie o'donnlle's ass and the shit hole of America.  PS, I don't capatalize the names of losers, it's a respect thing, sorry.

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