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Ready to take on Pelosi, sir?
In serving as the self-anointed standard bearer for progressivism, The San Francisco Bay Guardian does well to never exactly explain what progressivism is. In this way, progressivism merely becomes whatever the Guardian deems it to be. If progressivism is whatever the Guardian says it is, then it's easy for the Guardian to support all that's progressive.

Take, for example, the paper's serious call for Dennis Kucinich to move here and run against Nancy Pelosi. There are numerous reasons to laugh this one off (apart from Kucinich's eerie resemblance to the Keebler elf).

There's the Guardian's claim that Kucinich is the perfect "ideological fit for San Francisco." Sure -- if grandstanding, leftier-than-thou politics that accomplish nothing in the long run fit that description (wait a minute...).

Also, it warrants mentioning that the people of San Francisco keep electing and reelecting Pelosi by gaudy margins. "Ideological fits" aside, that has to stand for something.

Finally, it warrants mentioning that carpetbagging was seen as disgraceful when it came to Jane Kim. But for Kucinich? Don't be ridiculous!

If you're not going to bother to define "progressivism," why define "consistency"?

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The people get the government they deserve; Frisco is the perfect example of that !  After Gov. Reagon left California, the state turned into a bowl of friuts, flakes and nuts. The granola hippies took over and destroyed one of the nicest states in America; with their "Anything Goes" hippy mentality".Pelosi is a perfect example of a mind that did way too much LSD in the 60s; now she can barely function.  Whenever she is on the news, you can't help but notice that she's not well !  Rarely does she make any sense and never knows what she is saying.  A sad and pathetic shell of a prior life.But Califronia keeps re-electing her !  Isn't there anyone out there better !


Love your analysis of the sad state California has become !  Jim Morrison said in the past "It is certainly where the Devil lives".  And now, you know why.

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