CoCo Private Investigator Admits He Helped Run a Brothel

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Everyone breaks the law, but someone has to enforce it ... even with cops
The crazy story of two former Contra Costa County cops at the center of a major drug scandal just got crazier.

A private investigator admitted to the Chronicle that he and a drug task force commander were responsible for running a brothel in Pleasant Hill.

What's more is that they would also shut down competing brothels to make more money, according to news reports.

In the summer of 2009, Christopher Butler, 49, told reporters that he leased office space for a massage parlor on Gregory Lane in Pleasant Hill. But it was then-state narcotics agent Norman Wielsch, 50, who had asked him to lease the property so he could start a brothel, the Chron reports. Both cops have pleaded not guilty to drug charges. The two were busted earlier this year for allegedly stealing a long list of narcotics from evidence lockers.

Wielsch had the idea to start a brothel once he gained experience about the business as he worked shutting down massage parlors that were fronts for prostitution rings. Butler's attorney told media outlets that when Wielsch saw how much money was going into the brothels, he realized he could make that same kind of cash. So he asked Butler for help.

However, Wielsch's attorney, Michael Cardoza, says that Butler's story is a  "fairy tale." Cardoza claims Butler was running this brothel on his own and  dragged his client into this mess.

"Butler leased the property. He bought the furniture from IKEA. He brought it to the premises and put it together. He hired the girls. He collected the money," Cardoza told reporters.

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Well go figure - if you steal drugs from the property room why not run a brothel too. 

Asset Tracing
Asset Tracing

Too informative. I find it interesting is some way.

Thank you for posting!


These guys were running a crime-enterprise. They were "Police-Mafia" organization.

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