Buster Posey's Injury Could End His Season After Smash-Up at Home Plate

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Will Buster be on DL for rest of 2011?
UPDATE: Giants just confirmed that Posey has suffered a lower left leg fracture. He's been placed on the 15-day DL, with an MRI scheduled for today, but he'll be indefinitely out until they know more. "There's no time table for his return," said press contact Eric Smith.

Just a few days ago, the San Francisco Giants seemed to be settling in for a happy season. Riding high on a seven-game winning streak, including sweeping the Oakland A's, they were comfortably leading the NL West. Being a Giants fan was, for a time, the opposite of torture.

Then the Florida Marlins came to town.

Bad enough that the big bats of Florida rang up Matt Cain for a 5-1 loss on Tuesday night. Last night, the Giants suffered a gut-churning extra innings loss in the 12th, 7-6.

Even worse, they may have lost star catcher Buster Posey for the rest of the season.

In the top of the 12th inning, Florida outfielder Scott Cousins charged homeplate. Posey, attempting to stop Cousins from scoring what turned out to be the winning run, set up in front of homeplate.

Cousins made what -- to our eyes, at least -- appeared to be a clean hit on Posey, knocking the ball loose and winning the game for Florida. Posey, however, immediately began writhing on the ground in obvious pain. After nearly three minutes, he was eventually led off the field.

Media reports are inconclusive as to the extent of Posey's injuries, but the consensus seems to be that he broke a leg and tore ligaments. We called the Giants organization, which said it was releasing no information on Posey's status. However, if his injuries are as severe as what's being reported, it's likely the 24-year-old star could be out for the rest of the season.

Giants slugger Pablo Sandoval seemed to confirm the grim news, posting on Twitter this morning: "Good morning I feel so bad because we lost buster for rest of the season it's gonna be hard with out him."

Screen shot 2011-05-26 at 10.44.58 AM.png

Giants reserve catcher Eli Whiteside will be in for the third game in the Marlin's series tonight. According to Comcast SportsNet, minor-league catcher Chris Stewart is also being called up.

Posey is scheduled to undergo an MRI at some point today. We'll update when we learn more of his condition.

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It is long past the time when it is considered "clean" and "being a gamer' and all the other macho bull to barrel into another player instead of into home plate or a bag. The rules need to be changed NOW.


Posey wasnt even blocking the plate, and cousins intentionally lowered his left shoulder for the hit like he was playing linebacker. Cousins should be charged big time with intentional injury to a player. look at the tape. Were gonna get you sooner or later Marlins...oh yea, its called torture and will come


Heal well Buster

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