Why You Should Booze at Buck Tavern

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It's Thursday, which, as I understand, is the day most members of the fourth estate will find themselves after work boozing at Chris Daly's new bar, Buck Tavern. That's reason enough for SF Weekly to zero in on this bar, naming it Best Politically Connected Watering Hole.

Here's our take on how well the former city supervisor is doing at serving his constituents:

There was a healthy amount of debate over whether Chris Daly the politician adequately served the people. But there's no argument whatsoever that Daly the publican is doing just that. The tempestuous former supervisor's tavern is certainly the best place in this city to bump into your former, current, and future supervisors over a beer, or challenge an elected official, legislative aide, City Hall politico, or various members of the fourth estate to a game of semi-inebriated darts.

While the Buck Tavern's most glowing attribute used to be its proximity to other, better bars, Daly has got a good thing going. If nothing else, he has found a fairly steady, upbeat clientele to drink and watch reruns of government meetings with.

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Jerry Jarvis
Jerry Jarvis

I like to think of Daly's dive as to being a place where like minded people can gather with those of un like minded folks that insist that the city belongs to them.

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