Bryan Stow, Beaten Giants Fan, to Arrive at S.F. General Hospital Today

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Dr. Geoff Manley, the neurosurgeon taking over the care of Bryan Stow today.
Bryan Stow, the Giants fan suffering brain damage after being beaten by Dodgers fans, will return to home turf today. Stow is set to arrive at San Francisco General Hospital by 5 p.m., a hospital spokeswoman says.

Stow will immediately be assessed by a team of brain specialists led by Geoff Manley, the chief of neurosurgery at General and codirector of the hospital's Brain and Spinal Injury Center. The center treats 1,200 patients with traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries annually. Stow, a 42-year-old father of two from Santa Cruz, will be the next to receive acute care for his brain injury at the hospital.

Manley is a bit of a hero in the world of brain surgery. We wrote about him in a 2007 cover story, in which he treated a teen who had been shot in the brain in Visitacion Valley in 2005. Manley removed a piece of the teen's skull, allowing the brain to safely swell, before replacing the piece after the swelling receded -- a method commonly used on soldiers with traumatic brain injuries in Iraq.

Manley has written extensively about brain injuries, and has consulted the World Health Organization and served on National Institutes of Health committees.

So if anyone can help Stow at this point, it should be Manley. Stow's family wrote on their blog that Stow has been opening his eyes, and in their own words they called it a "we'll take it" moment.

Photo: General Hospital Brain and Spinal Injury Center

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Brain Slow
Brain Slow

Bryan Stow has a history of violence and drug abuse. According to court records filed in Santa Cruz, California, Stow has a felony conviction for possession of narcotics, assault and battery committed against a spouse and a DUI for driving under the influence of a controlled substance.



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