Bruce Bochy Is "Surprised" Bryan Stow Attackers Haven't Been Caught

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Talks about the rivalry off the field
Before kicking off the first game against the Dodgers last night, Giants coach Bruce Bochy talked to reporters about how the brutal beating of one of their fans, Bryan Stow, has cast a pall over the West Coast baseball teams' rivalry.

Moreover, Bochy admitted to reporters that he's a little shocked that police have not caught the two men responsible for brutally beating Stow.

"I am surprised because there were a number of witnesses," Bochy told reporters. "In this time with the video equipment and the availability of telephones and cameras and information, I am very surprised we have not caught them."

Stow, 42, remains in critical condition at San Francisco General Hospital after Dodgers fans beat him into a coma outside Dodger Stadium on March 31. The incident has garnered much media attention and support, including a $25,000 donation from Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum to help cover Stow's medical bills.

Last night was the first in a two-game series between the Dodgers and the Giants. It was the first time the team has been back to Dodger Stadium since Stow's beating. Police have dedicated extensive resources to tracking down the attackers and put dozens of detectives on the case. On Tuesday, Los Angeles police upped the ante by announcing that the reward leading to the arrest of the attackers had increased to $200,000.

"It affected us to have one of our fans have this happen to him," Bochy told reporters before last night's game.  "It's tough to see that happen at a ballpark. This is a game. I am not going to lie. It bothered everyone."

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this makes me sick 2 know that the police havent caught these knobs ye,t cowards i tell u 

Elizabeth frantes
Elizabeth frantes

It's LA, the anal orifice of America.  And come on now, here in SF how many murders are committed in front of witnesses who "didn't see anything?" 

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