San Francycle: Did David Chiu Drive on Bike to Work Day?

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Wasn't Bike to Work day fabulous this year? We saw a lot more cyclists out than usual, and we hope to see them out again on the remaining 364 days until next year. Let's do a quick roundup of the best of the bikes.

According to the Chron, the mayor and "almost every member of the Board of Supervisors" were out riding today. Almost? We would like to know which ones weren't. Maybe this was the one day that David Chiu was like "Fuck it" and drove to work.

Fog City Journal captured the supes on the scene: Jane Kim in fetching shoes, Eric Mar, Scott Wiener, Carmen Chu, Ross Mirkarimi, Malia Cohen, Chiu, John Avalos, David Campos, and Mark Farrell. So, did Sean Elsbernd have a note from his doctor?

And hey, who's that other guy in the FCJ photos? Is that you, Webcor CEO Andy Ball? Why, we remember not so long ago when you were pushing a ballot measure that would have forced developers to build parking garages and eliminate bike infrastructure. Hi.

In any case, at this year's event, there were more bike improvements than ever, including lots of green paving and posts on Market Street, 14 extra miles of bike lanes, bike boxes, bike traffic signals, green-wave-synchronized lights on Valencia Street, and 650 new bike racks.

Also, Mayor Lee promised to have a separated bike lane on JFK Drive by the end of the year. That's a big promise! Sure you can keep it, Mr. Mayor? That project keeps getting pushed back. Just a few months ago, Johanna Partin, the mayor's director of Climate Protection Initiatives, told us that "summer would be doable."

Bikes are spreading to the suburbs as well: San Mateo and Santa Clara held raffles and gave out goodies to cyclists, and also named a bicycling kindergarden teacher Commuter of the Year. Marey Richins uses her bike 95 percent of the time, even for transporting school supplies. She also regularly carries the class rat on her bike, something we never dared try when our own pet rats needed to visit the vet.

And in Silicon Valley, bike rates are practically astronomical: okay, actually, they're 2 percent. But that's double what it was 10 years ago! Corinne Winter, head of the SV Bike Coalition, told the Wall Street Journal, "There is a saying down here that if you're not in a peloton [a pack of bicycle riders] then you're not in the deal."

Also, 1,000 people biked to work in Alameda, and the day was a "smashing success" in Dublin. Piedmont, San Ramon, Milpitas, and Sonoma also got in on the action. It's worth mentioning you cannot get to any of these nearby towns on a bike.

Over in Berkeley, one of the energizing stations even had its own "proselytizer." That sounds superfun!

And then there was some nutty advice from a suburban motorists' column: Bicyclists, according to some people, need to make themselves "more visible" by wearing bright colors, because apparently cyclists are partially transparent. Also, "a small clip or duct tape could be fixed to the top of the helmets to a rotating blinking light, a jiggly hula dancer, or even lengths of shiny streamers tied in a small bow."

Or, you know, cars could just drive slower and pay attention.

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haha david chiu doesnt even own a car


Wow, that's some lazy reporting, a simple glance at David Chiu's facebook page reveals a picture of him participating in Bike to Work Day. Your headline is intentionally misleading, and not to mention, David Chiu doesn't not own a car, and therefore cannot very well decide to drive to work.


probably an activist with a not to subtle agenda of supporting another candidate for mayor 

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