Bay to Breakers: Mother Shields Child from Hideous Naked People (Photo)

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Like it or not, we are all forced to gaze upon an unseemly quantity of disrobed human flesh at Bay to Breakers each year. If event sponsor Zazzle wanted to institute meaningful reform, it would screen the race's nudist contingent for basic comeliness instead of cracking down on costumed boozers. Still, some parents, like the noble matron above, at least take steps to protect their kids from nudity-related visual trauma.

What's up with the amused glance of Mr. Police Officer? By the way, this is the sight that had Mom worried:

Photos by Kelly O'Shea.

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Elizabeth frantes
Elizabeth frantes

Uh, Franz . ..  the main reason to oppose male circumcision is because you have a foreskin fetish.  Nothing wrong with that!  Just be honest.  You don't care about the STDs those children will get, you won't care about the fact that their wives and girlfriends will get cervical cancer.  Just come out of the smegma closet and admit you fantacize about "cleaning" out a child's foreskin. 

You do know that "cleaning out"   a boy's foreskin is technically CHILD MOLESTING< don't you?   

Joshua Baker
Joshua Baker

I looked you up after you posted a whack job response to my comment, and guess what I found?  You do this to other people too!

One question: If simply cleaning your child is considered child molestation, what is circumcision?  It must be something really freaky and perverted.

Franz Woyzeck
Franz Woyzeck

"technically" child molesting?  No Elizabeth, child molesting is child molesting.  I suppose all of the parents cleaning their child are "technically" child molesting as well.  Thanks for refreshing all of us on child-molester terminology.

All I see in your post are irrelevant correlations and a sexually frustrated imagination so I'm struggling to find anything else of note in the rest of your comment........


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Brian Taylor; British Naturism
Brian Taylor; British Naturism

And mum sends the message to her child that the human body, one example of which is 'owned' by her child, is so hideous that it must never be seen.  No wonder some children grow up with body dismophic disorders and other hang-ups about their own bodies.

It is interesting to note that whilst 'protecting' her child from seeing this example of the natural human form, she is, herself, watching most intently!

The reaction of the policeman is far more typical; amusement.

We have shown, by studying 14 different nations, that the more prudish a nation, the higher are their rates of teenage pregnancy, abortions and STI's.  So well done mum for helping to maintain America's rate at ten times that of Denmark.  Statistics recently received for sexual crime show a similar trend - the more prudish the nation, the higher the sexual crime rate.

Franz Woyzeck
Franz Woyzeck

 yes, we get it, it's because men are naked.  If these men were one of those Abercrombie and Fitch models or a woman this would be okay.   I'm sure this mother though Bay to Breakers was going to be a family event.  The mother is covering the kids eyes because the mother has a problem with it.  That same mother would be called "noble" for teaching her child to hate people of different races and religions, or sending her child to the Catholic School to get molested by a parishoner or ignoring her child when he/she tells them that their father is molesting them.  I ran the race naked and I have a great body!  Get over it, that child is barely 3 minutes old, I doubt if they will be traumatized any more by a naked adult than they would be by that mother's religion.  And I'm sorry, but bearing a child doesn't make you "noble", if you have children it is your responsibility to teach them and nurture them, not suffocate them and produce more neurotic perverted citizens.  

This is akin to male circumcision.  Parents would rather mutilate a child (sometimes later) rather than teach them how to properly clean themselves.  Stop using children as a shield and if you are worried about your children....take your children somewhere else.  Finally I find it objectionable you are exploiting some mother, who you probably don't even know to make your terrible Puritan point.

I find the reforms ridiculous.  The only reason I think it is good is because yeah, people may get hurt with floats and yeah, no one wants their steps full of urination and beer cans.  Fair enough, but I am so sick of these entitled citizens thinking that them having babies entitles them to space and policing everyone with their sexless, uptight, boring, sterile stepford wife ethics.  They are way more of a nuisance than the, maybe 30, naked runners out of 50,000.

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