John Boehner, GOP House Speaker: Does He Truly Define Silicon Valley?

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Represents the Silicon Valley?
When we read in the Chronicle today that supporters of our very own Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer were rolling out the red carpet for GOP House Speaker John Boehner, we had to give it a second read -- just to make sure that we hadn't misunderstood.

And then we gave it a third read, because it was just that hard to believe. 

But what we read is true. Apparently, Boehner is traveling to Menlo Park on May 17 for a fundraiser at the home of Hewlett-Packard executive Michael Holston -- the same guy who kicked in money for Boxer's campaign, according to the Chron

Another host of the event is TechNet cofounder Rey Ramsey, who has also donated to Boxer in the past.

It seems that Boehner might truly define Silicon Valley Dems -- the limousine liberals who love to spend money on all things solar-powered while hating to shell out for corporate taxes. We gleaned from the Chronicle report that some Dems seem ready and willing to cross over for Boehner, who has been deemed the perfect blend of business-friendly and not a Tea Party whack job.

Which is probably why someone like Carl Guardino, director of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, which prides itself on being business-friendly and Earth-friendly, will be there. Guardino is famous for donating money to both Republicans and Democrats in the past, and although he hasn't given Boehner any cash -- yet -- he tells the Chron that he's interested in meeting people on both sides of the political fence.

To prove his point, Guardino admits he is hosting a fundraiser tonight at his home for state Assemblyman Jerry Hill, who just so happens to be a Democrat.

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Paul Schnake
Paul Schnake

The speaker needs to negotiate any and every bill like a management based labor union negotiator would. That is take our contract or walk or possibly strike. If you come back to the table with a proposal that is close to ours, we will consider it.


Really? The guy who is ad admitted climate change denier, and has voted against every single environmental bill in the past few years? The guy who said "the idea that carbon dioxide is a carcinogen that is harmful to our environment is almost comical."?I can't see any pro-environment Dems crossing over for Boehner.


Yeah but Jerry Hill is a douche.

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