Arnold Schwarzenegger Affair Might be Investigated by Attorney General

California Attorney General Kamala Harris might be launching an investigation into whether former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger improperly used state resources to carry out his now-legendary extramarital dalliances, according to news organizations.

Let's qualify that: This information is coming from the National Enquirer and Radar Online, which are perhaps more accurately described as "news" organizations. (The two purveyors of celebrity gossip are both owned by American Media, Inc.) But, hey, the Enquirer was right about John Edwards.

The Enquirer, quoting a hotel security officer, reports that Schwarzenegger used the California Highway Patrol officers in his taxpayer-funded security retinue to escort "scantily clad women" in and out of a Sacramento Hyatt Regency. (Classy!)

Schwarzenegger is denying the charges. Meanwhile, the hotel security officer, William Taylor, the former captain of security for the California Secretary of State's office, is standing by his story. The AG's office has made no public comment on rumors of a probe into Schwarzenegger.

No word yet on whether the archer Subotai, the thief Valeria, and the wizard Akiro were among the complicit state personnel on the quest to usher Arnie's vixens in and out of the Regency.

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