World's Worst Junior High Cheater Busted (PIC)

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A regular Einstein...
If you're bad at school and worse at cheating, you're in a bind. As Dirty Harry opined, "A man's got to know his limitations." The seventh-grader in question did not.

Your humble narrator has unearthed the odd document or two, but never one as hilarious as this. You can see it below -- but it requires an explanation.

A colleague who teaches junior high flunked said student -- which required him to take his report card home, display it to a parent, and return with a signature. We can vouch, with 100 percent certainty, that the paper below is what the student saw fit to hand back to his teacher.

Just you wait until 'Dad' gets home...

Unsurprisingly, this masterful attempt at forgery did not pass muster. When asked whether he did not know his mother's first name, the student said he did -- but was not capable of signing it in script. He was made to phone his mother, reveal his wrongdoing, and apologize.

The original of this document is now framed on a wall of the teacher's home.

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