Local Idiot to Burn the Koran

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He'll need more than a hose to put out this fire.
While a Michigan jury debates whether the Koran-burning pastor should be able to repeat his act outside a mosque today, the leader of the Bay Area National Anarchists says he's still planning on burning a Koran -- he's just not saying when or where.

If a Koran burns in a forest and nobody sees it, did it really happen?

"The threats and intimidation we have received in light of this has exceeded my expectations," Andrew Yeoman wrote n an e-mail to SF Weekly. "We are still going forward with this, but not sure when we will announce where it will be to media organizations."
When asked what kind of threats he was talking about, he replied, "No comment."

Yeoman is the founder and leader of the unlikely Bay Area-based white nationalists who like to protest immigration rights rallies, the Folsom Street Fair (they don't agree with children being around guys in assless chaps), and what he claims are antiwhite slasher films like Robert Rodriguez's Machete.

Yeoman announced earlier this week that he was planning his newest stunt -- to burn the Muslim holy book today, which also happens to be Good Friday on the Christian calendar.

Why? It's to protest to the possibility of Islamic Sharia law making its way into American law -- the paranoia du jour of the right-wing conservatives. It's timed to coincide with Pastor Terry Jones who will be burning some Korans of his own in front of a mosque in Dearborn, Mich.

But Jones' protest is still uncertain as a jury will spend this afternoon deliberating about whether the pastor from Gainesville, Fla., should allowed to torch a Koran.

To make matter even more bizarre, it turns out Jones discharged his pistol -- yes, his firearm  -- last night while he left a TV station. A story in the Detroit News gives more details:

During closing statements, Assistant Prosecutor Robert Moran called the planned protest a "recipe for disaster."

The mosque is located on busy Ford Road; Jones has been threatened with violence and hundreds are expected. Nearby churches are planning afternoon Good Friday services, and just Thursday night, Jones accidentally discharged his pistol leaving a television studio. No one was injured, but Moran asked: "What if it happened again" during the demonstration.

"They can't control their guns getting into a car, let alone a stressful situation," Moran said to the jury and Judge Mark Somers.

Yeoman's protests have been falling flat as of late. While last May, he got beat up by some anarchists, his Machete protest ended up just being him and a couple of supporters handing out pamphlets in Livermore with cardboard machetes.

Cue trombone: Waa waa waaaaaah.

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Angela Garcia as NeonMosfet
Angela Garcia as NeonMosfet

The last time Jones tried to set the world on fire, he very nearly did. There was a rampage abroad and, at the last count, 22 aid workers were killed. He wants to do it again and more people will probably get killed.

Angela Garcia as NeonMosfet


"the Folsom Street Fair (they don't agree with children being around guys in assless chaps)" Nice attempt at trying to spin that story. The protest was against children being exposed to men peeing on each other and committing various sex acts in the middle of the street. Most decent human beings are against this. Though‚ it sounds like you're o.k. with it.

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