Twitter: Aha! So There Aren't As Many Users After All

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A defining moment for Twitter
Techies have long debated whether the number of people using Twitter is bloated thanks to spammers.

But now we have some data, although not scientific, that show indeed just how few Twitter accounts are active.

Twitter reportedly had an "aha moment" when it realized that an "active" user is someone who has 30 followers and at least one-third of those are following them back.

So then how many users are really using Twitter regularly?
Using Twitter's own formula, Business Insider concluded that Twitter has 56 million registered accounts, but fewer than 21 million "active" users -- far fewer than we previously thought.

The publication tapped into a source that has "full access" to Twitter's API, which revealed that the San Francisco-based company has 56 million registered accounts, each following at least eight others.

To put it into context, Facebook has more than 600 million monthly users, and the Huffington Post reaches some 30 million people every month.

Twitter is relying on this "aha moment" to develop new methods for getting new and old users to stick around the site a little longer.

That's all we need -- another time suck.

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Both facebook and twitter are filled with spam accounts, fake accounts and dormant accounts. You can actually buy millions of fake "active" accounts on facebook right herehttp://www.accountheadquarters... along with hundreds of other companies selling fake facebook accounts. Valuation? 0


same with me... i have twitter account but i never use it. because more familiar with facebook.


Why thefuck would anyone use twitter, the world's dumbest site.

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