Steve Jobs Mocked on 'South Park,' Introduces "HumancentiPad" (Video)

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The Humancentipad still feels something out of a horror movie
If there is anyone who can make Steve Jobs obscene, it's Trey Parker and Matt Stone -- the creators of South Park. Staying true to their art, they have created an offensive version of the Apple CEO who introduces the revolutionary "HumancentiPad."

Yes, that's exactly what you think it is -- a riff off the low-budget movie Human Centipede, where a scientist kidnaps three tourists and surgically joins them mouth to anus.

In the episode, which reportedly airs tonight, the character Kyle becomes "intimately" familiar with the new creation -- it shows him in a rear-to-mouth chain with the iPad at one end and the iPhone at the other.

Watch for yourself. NSFW


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