San Francisco Bay Guardian Tells You How to Vote

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Remember when Bruce Brugmann, chief editor with the San Francisco Bay Guardian, decided that the right-wing Examiner had no place in a liberal bastion like San Francisco?

Brugmann never ceases to shock us when it comes to playing God. So we weren't surprised this morning to see that the left-wing newspaper offered up an online poll, asking readers who they would choose for mayor in the upcoming election.

Correction: The paper tells readers who to vote for.

That's right: The poll lists the top candidates and then blatantly marks the name of progressive Supervisor John Avalos.

This isn't just the media influencing you
We know that during election season, the debate should be about issues and candidates, but alas, the Bay Guardian cannot resist inserting its own position, which is to dictate political views.

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Like the SFWeekly has never run a slate.


next thing you'll tell me there's gambling in river city!

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