Royal Wedding Is Over: Bombastic Weddings We Want To See

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The bride wore white - and oil drilling boots. The groom wore freedom.
We're rather relieved that the royal wedding happened while we were sleeping and the media pandemonium is coming to a ceremonious close. Did anyone this side of the Atlantic even care to begin with?

Now that the bedlam is over, we're wondering what wedding in the United States could possibly inspire as much general hoopla, Papa John's pizza, and comic book tributes. Here's our short list:

--Sarah Palin and a Majestic Bald Eagle: America's couple. 

Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber: Pop gold.
Ain't no lovin' like Bieber lovin'.

Kamala Harris and Willie Brown: California has been waiting for this one for years.

Hummer Mom and 14-Year-Old Lover: "It was him -- he started it."

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey: Part Deux -- America loves second chances

Suri Cruise
and Romeo Beckham: America loves child brides! So cute!

Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer: Ultimate power couple -- same-sex style.

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Love the Sara pix. She is definitely my favorite lady in the world that makes me GaGa ! Talk about your total package. I won't say anything else, in respect to Todd; the lucky guy.

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