Rapping Weatherman Resurfaces (VIDEO)

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He's baaaaaack!
You don't need a weatherman to tell you today is looking glorious. You don't need a rapping weatherman -- well, ever. Be that as it may, readers may recall how local TV station and numerology casualty KRON last year saw fit to hire Nick Kosir, the Rapping Weatherman.

First, KRON general manager Brian Greif told SF Weekly that the Rapping Weatherman would not be rapping on his station -- something of the equivalent of going to a steakhouse and ordering the chicken. Then came the shocking revelation that Kosir quit KRON after two days on the job. An enraged Greif says the Rapping Weatherman wanted the station to hire his wife as an anchor. When this didn't occur, Kosir broke a two-year contract and bolted to Twin Falls, Idaho, where both he and his wife secured on-camera gigs. Said Greif, "I hope he raps. I hope she raps. I hope everybody raps in Twin Falls, Idaho."

Guess what? That's exactly what happened. Here's a clip of Kosir rapping the weather in Twin Falls -- and getting everybody in on the action.

Well, we have to admit it -- this is the best Rapping Weatherman rap yet. We weren't sure he'd top his East Texas coining of the phrase, "There's a slight chance for rain all over this map/from Lake Charles on over to Anahuac."

But the four-part, Brady Bunch, Chuck Norris motif -- this is groundbreaking stuff. If Nick Kosir is the Beatles, then this is his Rubber Soul.  

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