Fake Terrorist Ferry Firebombing on Deck for Marin Homeland Security Drill

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Move along folks; nothing to see here.
​This Thursday, ferry passengers will launch from the Larkspur Terminal unaware of the presence of a terrorist. He plans to set off an improvised firebomb -- and the crew will scramble to put out the fire and calm passengers.

Soon afterward, Marin Army Reserve soldiers and sheriff's deputies will board the boat, only to learn that at least one of the passengers is a terrorist with another bomb.

At least that's what will happen if everything goes as planned. On April 28 various Bay Area law enforcement agencies will run an antiterrorism drill in which they will act out a terrorist bomb plot requiring just such a rapid-strike response.

"If people see this white smoke, they should know it's only a drill," says Golden Gate Bridge district spokeswoman Mary Curie, adding that the frenetic fake activity will be visible from the Richmond-San Rafael bridge and from I-80.

Curie says she's unaware of any recent incident where anyone set off bombs or did anything else to make passengers unsafe aboard a ferry. But, she explains, Bay Area law enforcement agencies need to conduct such exercises in order to gain rare experience preparing for the possibility.

"Basically it's an opportunity to test our overall communications coordination, and work with law enforcement to test their tactical response," Curie said, "Because they don't get to come aboard a ferry vessel very often."

What follows is an official synopsis of the pretend terrorist attack.

A GGF Ferry underway from Larkspur Terminal with passengers aboard experiences an IED event with explosion/fire within Marin County response boundaries; Marin tactical & USAR units respond; vessel crew conducts initial fire response, space isolation/evidence preservation, Vessel Search, and crowd management; Marine County Sheriff Office (MCSO) conducts underway vessel boarding and secures scene; possible secondary devices and terrorists among the passengers prompts segregation and passenger interview/search requirements; Vessel diversion to Port of Richmond as "safe harbor" for debarkation and interview/screening of passengers requiring liaison and collaboration with Port of Richmond, City of Richmond PD, COCO County SO, USCG and FBI. Pier side activities are proposed for the Craneway Pavilion (historic Ford Motor Assembly Plant), 1414 Harbor Way South in the Port of Richmond, CA

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since they wont say which run to allow those who wish to avoid the circus will they give notes to all those late for work?

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