Phil Ting: What Alcoholic Drink Would He Be?

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Would Phil Ting win a popularity contest?
Yesterday SF Weekly gave you the breakdown of mayoral candidates -- who's hot and who's not. But you didn't really need us to tell you that assessor-recorder Phil Ting is sooooooo not hot, politically speaking.

Ting and his campaign are arguing otherwise. To prove us wrong, they have organized a cocktail contest. That's right, Ting drinks alcohol.

"Okay -- we'll own it, SF Weekly officially declared us not hot, but you know what we think we're pretty cool," his campaign Web site reads. "That's why we are launching our official Reset cocktail contest."

Ting is asking all cocktail aficionados to submit their most creative concoction via his Reset San Francisco Web site. The only rule -- it must have ice (to keep it cool?)

The winner's drink will be revealed at Ting's fundraiser at 111 Minna Gallery on May 4. 

Which then begs the question: What does Ting consider a good cocktail? If we had to guess, he would sip on something pedestrian.

And we were right.

"I like Long Island Iced teas," Ting tells SF Weekly.

So can you trust a man who drinks Long Island iced teas to judge a cocktail contest? Ting, who also sips on Scotch every now and then, assures us that he will have a group of volunteers on board to help do the judging, which, depending on how many entries there are, will consist of recreating the cocktails and then drinking them.

"Reset San Francisco is not all about policy," Ting says. "We wanted to make it kind of fun."

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So then while other candidates are consumed with convincing voters that they are serious contenders, Ting is busy trying -- desperately -- to show voters that he has some verve.

Ting is still trying to come up with an appropriate prize for the winning cocktail, but he promises it won't be a mixtape that includes Vanilla Ice's "Ice, Ice Baby."

And yes, we are definitely entering our own cocktail -- the Tingtini, one part tasteless vodka with a splash of diet fruit punch.

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