UPDATE: Obama in SF Marijuana Protest Moved to 4/21

Obama -- giving 4/20 a new meaning
UPDATE 4/16 -- The marijuana-related protests have been pushed to 7:30 A.M. Thursday, 4/21. More info on Monday.

For his promises not to use federal resources on raiding legal dispensaries, many medical marijuana users voted for Barack Hussein Obama in 2008, as we reported in our cover story last week.

Many California medical marijuana users supported Obama for the candidate's seemingly pot-friendly positions on medical marijuana. Yet since he took office, the DEA and the Justice Department have raided state-legal dispensaries and cultivations.

This has made many marijuana activists mad as hell -- and they're not going to take it anymore, especially not on 4/20.

The internally known day for praising pot -- April 20 -- also happens to be the day that out president will be rolling into San Francisco for a fundraiser and speech at the Masonic Auditorium on Nob Hill. And yes, local medical marijuana activists will be there to protest the prez and his about face on pot.

In other words, local pot users will be anything but chill on this otherwise mellow day. Instead of rolling joints, the group will be shouting and slogan-slinging as part of a larger demonstration organized by lefty mainstays ANSWER Coalition.

And if we really need to explain what 4/20 means to pot users, then you are in the wrong town.

But anyway, this day will be anything but peace and love.

"We're going to bring a more militant attitude," promises David Goldman, the facilitator of the San Francisco chapter of Americans for Safe Access. "We're going to be visible to media."

The staging area has yet to be announced, but anyone wishing to join in can meet at the Oaksterdam University student union at 1915 Broadway in Oakland at 6:30 p.m. on April 19 to make signs and strategize. The San Francisco ASA chapter plans to meet near the Masonic Auditorium at 7 p.m. -- an hour before Obama's expected appearance.

Medical cannabis patients who plan to participate in the protest were asked Tuesday to leave their meds at home. Yes, even on 4/20.

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Peter Wells
Peter Wells

Awesome, even you left wing a holes hate him now. Congrats


Guess he's gotta be somewhere on Hitler's birthday, so this is better than Bitburg or 'Bama


You too can be president! Just check your morals at the door and learn to lie really well. Then follow this handy guide:

Step 1. Promise changeStep 2. Get electedStep 3. Uphold the status quo

Now you're a slimy asshole like Obama! Good job!

Chris Hicks
Chris Hicks


What could Obama have done differently to legalize marijuana? Even Prop 19 didn't pass in 2010.

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