Lyndon LaRouche Volunteer Kicked While Distributing Campaign Literature in NoPa, Witness Says

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Is S.F. more republican than we thought?
Update: A witness told reporters that it was a Lyndon LaRouche volunteer who was kicked over the anti-Obama poster and campaign literature he was displaying. Police Captain Denis O'Leary told SF Weekly earlier today that the victim was an Obama supporter.

Original Story 1:45 p.m.: You would think that if volunteers with Lyndon LaRouche could safely post signs of President Barack Obama with a Hitler mustache in downtown San Francisco, then you'd assume that anyone in the city's more liberal Hayes Valley NoPa neighborhood could get away with distributing pro-Obama campaign literature.

Guess not.

Call it a political twist: Police report that a Daly City man was attacked while distributing Obama literature outside a Bank of America on the 1200 block of Fell Street.

At about 11:30 a.m. on Monday, the Obama volunteer had set up a table with political literature and Obama signs to encourage voters to support the president in his re-election bid. A man and a woman walked over to the table, ripped up the posters and shook the table so hard that the literature fell, said Captain Denis O'Leary.

The pair then started kicking the man in the chest and hands. They took off before police could get there.

Obama just last week announced his candidacy for re-election in 2012 at an event in Chicago. He is planning a trip to San Francisco on April 20.

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OH, it was a Lyndon LaRouche supporter with Obama as a Nazi being kicked...? KICK AWAY!

Henry Macwhirr
Henry Macwhirr

Your caption suggests that the people who oppose Obama must be Republicans. This is off the mark. The LaRouche people are opposing him because they want a return to Franklin Roosevelt-style policies, and Obama won't go there. Some say Obama is a Republican in Dem's clothing, because of his continuation of the bailout, war and internal security policies of the Bush administration. Also, Democrat Dennis Kucinich raised the issue of the impeachment of Obama over the Libya war.


Um, the LaRouche people might invoke FDR's name, but they actually think there's a grand international financial conspiracy involving the Queen of England (kid you not), and that Al Gore wants to command the world's mineral resources through genocide. They're authentically batshit, and have no coherent policy goals.

Mark Samet
Mark Samet

Wow, imagine if all news reporting was done on the basis of rumors... Below is a link to the original CBS article which gets the story right, of how a LaRouche table was attacked, not by themselves, but by 2 other people, described to police as an Asian man and white woman. The image however is a random stock photo of an Obama supporter, not an actual photo of the assaulted LaRouche table. http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.c...

Now, here is a thinly veiled slander against the LaRouche movement, written by a LaRouche hater, which posts video from the actual police incident, which shows clearly the 2 LaRouche supporters speaking with cops, neither of which are Asian or female, meaning the attackers were NOT the LaRouche supporters.

Seeing as the above "Update" clarification doesn't even make sense (???), I felt compelled to get the story right. Erin Sherbert, you should too.


hep svadja
hep svadja

the irony is that this was actually a larouche campaigner who was kicked. just poor reporting again spins things in the wrong. well played guys, well played.

h. brown
h. brown

Were the Obama people violating the sit/lie ordinance?

If so, serves em right, huh?

Giants tied 1-1


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