Obama Birth Certificate: Examiner Can't Decide Where It Stands

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Say what?

The ongoing spectacle surrounding President Barack Obama's place of birth was a debacle that did its utmost to make everyone in this country just a little stupider. That's saying a lot for a country that actually impeached its commander-in-chief because he lied about getting a hummer -- but, there, we said it.

It seems too much to hope the knuckle-draggers who insisted our president was some manner of stealth Muslim will now bow to the incontrovertible proof that Obama, unlike John McCain, was born in the United States. The unabashedly crazy folks at the San Francisco Examiner op-ed page, however, are ready to tell the birthers to get off their lawns.

Or are they?

In a topper for an AP article about the doctor who delivered Obama -- UCSF alum David Sinclair -- the Ex used some awfully fishy language. Rather than referring to the obstetrician who delivered Obama as the obstetrician who delivered Obama, it instead referred to him as "the doctor who was reportedly in attendance for the birth of Obama."

Yes, perhaps it's not enough to assume he delivered this baby solely because he signed his name to the forms. As the Ex article states, Sinclair was "one of few obstetricians in Honolulu at the time." Perhaps we should question his presence at the births of the thousands of babies he delivered.

How deep does this go?

We look forward to the next Ex story about Buzz Aldrin, who was reportedly the second man on the moon, or Tim Lincecum, who purportedly won the clinching game of the World Series.

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exactly when did the word "stupider" become a real word


About ten months and ten minutes ago.


If it wasn't a real word before, this would have been a good week to formalize it.

Liam Burke
Liam Burke

How about this tid-bit for you... According to the hospital that he was "reportedly born at" their name was not Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital was not called that until 1978 when Obama was 17 years old.

So either its a fake, or he is only 32... either way... Something isn't right.

Until yesterday, I was not a diehard "birther". I had questions, and when it was released I thought that those questions were answered and I was going to drop it. Then I found that out.

A simple look at the about page on http://www.kapiolani.org will verify what I am saying.

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