Tea Partier Portrays Obama as Ape in E-Mail to Friends

Courtesy OC Weekly
Tea Partier Marilyn Davenport sent this photo to fellow conservatives
Time for some link love to one of the southern garrisons of the Village Voice Media empire. We've written before about the paranoiac, semiliterate reasoning that supports the related belief systems of the Tea Party and Birthers. But now one of our sister papers in Southern California, OC Weekly, has found a picture to capture our thousand-plus words.

Scott Moxley at OC Weekly broke the story late last week that Orange County Republican Committee member Marilyn Davenport had circulated an e-mail in which President Barack Obama and his parents were depicted as chimpanzees in a picture that Moxley obtained and published. Davenport is a Tea Party activist and Birther. Above the now-infamous primate photo was this witticism: "Now you know why no birth certificate."

She has subsequently defended the e-mail as a "joke," even as she continues to profess her ignorance as to the president's true birthplace.

OC Republican Party chairman Scott Baugh promptly denounced Davenport's email in an interview with OC Weekly, calling it "despicable" and "dripping with racism." He has called for Davenport's resignation. She says she isn't going anywhere.

Kudos to OC Weekly and Moxley for shining a light on the Tea Party's less-than-savory side.

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LOL!  Fabulous!  I want to pass that around too.

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