Muni Operators Vote to Authorize Strike -- City Threatens to Sue

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Negotiations are as spotty as Muni service ...
It wouldn't feel right at this point if negotiations between Muni and its operators went smoothly. And it appears even the drivers are prepping for the worst -- the union has voted in favor of a strike should negotiations break down.

A preliminary vote like this seems to be the first indication that negotiations are indeed breaking down. Local 250-A, which represents Muni operators, had began voting on a possible strike earlier this week, claiming that Muni has enough money -- their pensions and their salaries are not the problem.

That's debatable. What isn't up for debate is the fact that a strike would be illegal.
City Attorney Dennis Herrera, who is running for San Francisco mayor, noted that a strike would violate the current labor agreement, and if Muni operators decided to walk off the job, he will sue.

"If it appears a threatened or actual strike will significantly disrupt public transportation and endanger the public welfare, we will take appropriate legal recourse," Herrera said in a statement posted on his Web site today.

But according to Walter Scott, secretary for the transit union, the "no-strike clause" is open for interpretation, the SF Appeal reports.

"It's never been tested," he said.

Stay tuned to see who gets thrown under the bus this time.

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Local 250-A is a zombie union already, not much left there to bust.


Sadly, i agree with all these comments. Locked in raises. generous pensions, increasing PTO. Seriously, realize the people who pay your bills (taxpayers) are fed up. Appreciate your package, suggest fair reductions and you can avoid disaster.

Richard H
Richard H

And you thought unions could only be busted in Wisconsin. If Muni strikes, you'll see more ravenous demands that their union be busted here and get the Wisconsin treatment. Left leaning politics aside, we gave them a sweetheart deal and a strike would be a slap in the face.


Good. Let 'em.

Unions like theirs make all labor unions look like assholes and add credibility to corporate arguments against fair unions for honest workers.

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