Scott Wiener Stars in Muni Accident Video

A little while back, a prize was offered to anyone who could snap a photo of erstwhile Mayor Gavin Newsom on Muni. No winner ever stepped forward.

A contest to catch Supervisor Scott Wiener on public conveyances would be short-lived, however. If a guy bangs his head on the roof of the train -- odds are that's Wiener.

In fact, we couldn't help but notice that video of a Friday Muni incident in which a door opened as a train sped through the Metro Tunnel featured none other than the Castro supe in the foreground. This means even a contest requiring one obtain footage of Wiener being imperiled upon Muni would be a cinch.

Wiener at first attributed the tall, bearded image captured on film as belonging to his "evil twin." That was pretty funny. A door opening on the Muni was not, however.

Wiener concurred that, yes, the instance was every bit as dangerous as it appears on video. But "I was pretty confident no one was going to fall out of the train," he says. "My bigger concern was a stone or something would fly up from underneath the train and come in."

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Incidentally, the board is weighing whether to appoint Wiener or David Campos to the regional Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

If Wiener -- who shared his campaign offices with the Fix Muni Now measure, incidentally -- wins the appointment, he'll be tasked with voicing San Francisco's needs. He can start by voicing, "Hey guys! Get the hell away from that door!"

Update, 1:15 p.m.: Wiener says he did indeed ask the men near the door if they wanted to step back, but "they just looked at me." The supe also noted that the Muni operator communicated to the riders that he was aware of the malfunction and urged everyone to be careful. 

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