Muni Door Opens While Train Is Moving -- Again

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Let's hope the door is shut
We could never forget the recent incident (captured on video) where a door flew open as a fast-moving Muni train blew through an underground tunnel. It would be reasonable to think -- or at least hope -- that such malfunction was nothing more than a freak accident.

But alas, barely three weeks after the incident, a passenger riding on the L-Taraval on Friday caught footage of a train zipping through the tunnel near Forest Hill station with a door wide open.

Muni told the Examiner that the incident was a "human error" and that the veteran operator has been placed on nondriving status.

Paul Rose, spokesman for Muni, also said the driver could be fired (that would be three in the last month). "Several rules were violated in this incident, placing our riders in an unsafe situation," Rose was quoted as saying.

But clearly other actions are necessary. The transit agency is considering modifying all train doors, Rose says. And to make riders feel more at ease, Muni is designing a "cheat sheet" for operators so they know how to deal with future door malfunctions.

On April 1, a passenger captured surveillance of a crowded Muni train moving with an open door . In that video, Supervisor Scott Wiener is seen looking perplexed by the potentially dangerous scenario.

That just gave the supe another reason to reiterate his famous tweet: "Muni is beyond incompetent."

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Clearly the drivers are not paid enough to pay attention to their 6 figured salaries!


Solution: Have the doors text the drivers when they are open.


They were just trying to air it out after someone tooted. Veteran drivers think of everything!

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