Medical Marijuana Users: How Much Longer Until Your Boss Can't Fire You?

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Does this mean you could be governor AND smoke pot?
Just like the industrious Walmart worker in Michigan, YOU, too, can get fired from your job for using medical marijuana -- even if you are employee of the month.

Which clearly makes no sense, considering medical marijuana is legal. That's why Sen. Mark Leno is pushing through a bill that would bar your boss from canning you over medical cannabis (smoking it when you aren't at work, of course).

The State Senate Judiciary Committee just signed off on the bill, bringing it one step closer to becoming law. Leno, a San Francisco Democrat, was pleased.

"When Californians approved the compassionate use of cannabis, they never intended for it to apply only to unemployed people," he was quoted saying in our sister paper, the LA Weekly. "With unemployment at record-high rates, we should be doing everything we can to keep productive and responsible members of the workforce in their jobs."

And part of maintaining them as productive workers, ironically, is to let them smoke weed, the feel-good crop that is proven to help alleviate medical ailments, big and small.

Leno's bill would reverse a 2008 court decision that granted employers the right to chose to not hire or even fire workers who were permitted by doctors to use medical marijuana.

Wonderful. Now, we want to know how long it will be before Leno will get a bill passed that allows employees smoke pot at work. 

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Pedro-Pete Fernandez
Pedro-Pete Fernandez

It's about time. Smoke some weed at home and get fired for it three weeks later. What a bunch of crap!

Ken Kent
Ken Kent

You can fire or not hire a worker for smoking cigarettes but pot smokers will be a protected class.


Its about time since it is so unfair to test a worker for marijuana, when it stays in your system so long and for some over 30 days. That's like giving you a speeding ticket on Monday because you was speeding on your way home from work on Friday makes no Fn sense same as a person smoking on Friday night and gets piss test on Monday. They have a 2 hr saliva test for the mouth and thats what they need to use if you wanna drug test employees test them if they have smoked in 2 hrs not 30 days but then all the drug test companies would lose money and the companies that makes the products to cheat the test would also lose money and you the casual weekend smoker are expected to start doing coke w/ a lil meth and add a shot of heroin since those drugs stay in system around 72 hrs and you can pass your randoms at work and then once your dead why would it matter. OHH one more thing F the alcohol and pharmaceutical companies who are lobbying for the drug tests


Patients must be protected just like any other prescription-using person. The politicians should have properly addressed issues like this a long time ago. I guess late is better than never... Join the movement at

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